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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Facebook continues its strategy to challenge YouTube dominance

Facebook has a virtue that, although it has served in some occasions to become leaders of a concrete market, in others it has become a problem not already for them, but for the users. I mean the fixation that the company has to succeed with everything it does, something that sometimes makes you lose sight of what your users really want . We saw it at the time with the Facebook Phone, and now we see it with Facebook Video.

The company wants to be able to become YouTube in much less time, and wants to do it by bombarding people with the contents of the platform . Your main desire is that you do not have to leave your website to access your favorite contents, regardless of whether they are live, or recorded. Therefore, they are already planning the launch of a new function for the Facebook app with which to carry out this task, and is very likely to remind you of your competitor.

Facebook gives a flush to the videos tab

This new function is rather a renewal of the video tab already existing in some countries, as we are informed from The Next Web . So far, Facebook focused its efforts on making Facebook Live have a great relevance within your app, but it seems they have now changed their minds. With this new update, the tab will give access to videos that may be more interesting for you, in the style of what the YouTube app already does with the recommended videos.

Without entering into that now Facebook will pay extreme attention to what we see to be able to improve the algorithm, the truth is that it does not seem to bring about the change they want in the social network. It is great that they want to embrace more and more content and want to do better than their competitors. But personally, I think the problem with Facebook is that it is not recognized as a content platform in the style of YouTube, but simply as a social network. And that's why, I do not think they will succeed.

And you, do you think that the strategy of Facebook Videos will reach somewhere?

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