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Friday, 23 June 2017

Farewell to stalkers on Facebook: They will no longer be able to gossip your profile picture

Come, confess it: you only use Facebook to gossip . After the fever that emerged a few years ago in the social network of Mark Zuckerberg that made us join groups and give "I like" compulsively, or the subsequent pandemic of the farms, today Facebook has been confined to stalkear. You do it and you like it, even if you deny it: what will have been of my ex? Where's that old friend from school? Has my cousin gotten a boyfriend? Facebook is the town square of the 21st century.

But as you know, these things are a double weapon, that is, the coin has two faces and they also gossip to you . Fortunately, you've been implementing a tough posturing policy on social networks for years that shows you're traveling more, you're more in shape and you're more successful than ever.

Privacy on Facebook is a serious problem and that is a sad reality. Almost anyone can access many of our data since the operation of the network itself is based on that, public exposure of our information with a more or less consensual agreement .

However, the gossip could have the hours counted . Because it seems that soon Facebook will try to implement a new function that takes more care of our data and who can see them. To begin with, the first step will affect our profile picture. So far, anyone - whether we were friends or not - could save and share this photo even if we had the account set jealously. But not anymore.

This will be the new Facebook privacy control

Although it has started in Facebook India, it is expected that soon it will expand to the rest of the users of the planet. The new privacy control will take the following steps:

No one will be able to download, share or send your profile picture in a Facebook message

Users other than your friends will not be able to tag anyone , including themselves, in your profile photo.

As far as possible, the screenshots will not be able to be made on your Facebook profile photo - currently only for Android users -.

Facebook will implant a blue frame and a shield in your profile photo so you see that it has an additional layer of security and will also act as a deterrent.

While there is no confirmed date for its expansion, we hope that these measures will soon be implemented for all Facebook users.

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