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Monday, 19 June 2017

Farms of iPhones, or how to turn something into trend without human intervention

It is really complicated to make an application succeed in a market full of products that, in some cases, even fulfill the same function as your proposal. At least for people who do not have resources, as we will see today, and is that, as many of you know, there are organizations dedicated to turn anything that circulates on the web in trend in a matter of seconds . Specifically, products created by people who can afford this type of services.

The control of trends is a business like any other, either by traditional means, or by something more sophisticated and modern as we teach today. If we know how to give our product a good image, and we get the word out enough, we will be able to attract lots of people interested in it. In this case, with the farms of iPhones we skipped the part that people think about the product , and we go directly to the part of attracting others making them believe that it is a good product.

Thousands of iPhones available to the highest bidder

Basically, what makes the organizations responsible for these "farms" is to manipulate the users, giving them to understand that something is worth it because it has loads of downloads or I like . What really happens is that hundreds of iPhones, sometimes thousands, are dedicated to downloading or automatically accessing the programmed content, so that they receive an important fraudulent impulse. Lots of bots with the same purpose, to deceive.

This method, as I said at the outset, is used by those who can afford it like some big Chinese companies, who for years have been manipulating messaging services like WeChat to their benefit. In principle, it should not pose any problem for the user, since companies usually review traffic to avoid these mobile farms, but these methods are not infallible. The question then is, how far is bottling coming?

Via | The Verge

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