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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Fast charging would arrive at Apple devices with the iPhone 8

For a few years now, many Android users have been able to enjoy a very specific feature that has made users not have to worry over forgetting to put to charge the mobile at night, or in those times when they do not We need too much. This function has allowed them to achieve a stunning speed of loading that in many cases has saved them from some trouble . Of course, I'm talking about fast loading.

There are several different fast loading standards in the competition. In some cases, it is simply a change of name to adapt it to the marketing strategy of the manufacturer, in others the changes go further and offer a lower loading times than other companies in the market. Anyway, the important thing is that whatever, these systems leave the iPhone's current charging system in its infancy . At least for now.

The iPhone 8 swept to its predecessors in times of load

A few months ago, Apple-based analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at KGI Securities said the next iPhone 8 would integrate a charging system that would include a Lightning to USB-C cable that would allow it to make use of the fast-charging technology. The question is that it was not clear if this would really be possible , or if it would only be one of the possibilities of the iPhone 8, that could be buried as has happened on other occasions with other products or as an option for buyers.

Today, Barclays analyst Blaine Curtis has reported in one of his reports that it is very likely that the next iPhone will carry with it a 10W charging adapter ready to make use of this fast charging system . In this way, the iPhone 8 would be able to reach out to its competitors with regard to charging times. Although, of course, we hope it is optional, since the fast charge is able to reduce the battery life if used very continuously.

And you, would you use this function on the iPhone 8?

Via | MacRumors

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