favor of Apple: the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will not get integrated into the screen, the fingerprint scanner

In the second half of the year, Samsung will introduce its new flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 8, the debut of which coincides with the output of the iPhone 8. One of the most popular rumors against this device, along with the dual camera, is Integrated in the screen, finger fingerprint scanner. Samsung tried to place a module below the surface of the screen in the Galaxy Note 8, but has not managed to solve all the devices with this technological of the complexity. This informs BGR with reference to the industry of the observers familiar with the situation.

It is known that the Samsung developed the fingerprint scanner and even tested its traditional counterparts, but encountered a problem related to security. Flame experts and the other problem: the smartphone does not distinguish normal touching, related to management, from a lock / unlock command. As a result of the Galaxy Note 8 comes out with the fingerprint scanner on the back.

In this sense, interesting, it is the application of biometric module in дисплейной the bar of iPhone 8. Sources ensure that Apple has been able to solve all problems related to the integration of Touch ID on the smartphone screen.

According to sources, the Galaxy Note 8 will be based on the not yet presented Snapdragon 836 processor, which will be an updated version of the current flagship, the SoC Snapdragon 835. It is claimed that Galaxy Note 8 will be the first smartphone with this chip.

Snapdragon 836 will be different from the larger 2.5 Ghz процессорным the most powerful GPU block with the frequency of 740 Mhz.

According to preliminary information, the Galaxy Note 8 with 6.3 "unlimited" screen will go on sale in August or September this year, a few weeks before the iPhone 8 presentation.
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