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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

First impressions of iOS 11 on an iPhone 7

If recently, this afternoon, we published the first videos of iOS 11 in iPad Pro , this time it was the turn to Apple iPhone 7. With the help of our colleagues in Urban Tecno we bring you the first video impressions of iOS 11.

The new firmware version of Apple's mobile operating system bite software has come with major design changes.

The design refresh has not affected the iOS 11 splash screen so much, but it has done so in different elements of the user interface such as the Notification Center, Control Center, Dock and Multitasking in the case of IPad .

Control center

The iOS 11 Control Center is one of the elements that has changed the most with respect to iOS 10. In iOS 10 we saw a total redesign when Apple implemented a Floating Control Center with rounded edges and three panels to add the features of HomeKit and Apple Music. In addition, colors were added for the interaction buttons.

In iOS 11 Apple has renewed the design of the Control Center . Now it looks much more organized, with sections more differentiated and separated from each other.

Actually, the only thing Apple has left as it was were the colors of the interaction buttons. In addition, 3D Touch features have been added , elements customization in Settings, and finally, the iOS 11 Control Center occupies the entire screen and has no more panels.


IOS 11 notifications still have the same minimalistic visual style as iOS 10, but now in the Notification Center there's a new way to view notifications by sliding your finger up .

And much more!

But iOS 11 offers many more changes, from new animations to a redesign of the application user interface like the App Store . The beta version of iOS 11 for developers is now available, and the final version will arrive in September next to the new iPhone.

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