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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Five apps that rob you Whatsapp users

With the recent worldwide falls that WhatsApp is suffering; There are several messaging apps that have come out and have become the favorite of various people to see the benefits and advantages of these with respect to your beloved Whatsapp; Today we present you 5 applications that are taking away WhatsApp in the most important thing that can have a messaging application, they rob Whatsapp users.

Telegram removes Whatsapp users

The direct competition of WhatsApp , since it comes stepping on the heels with each update. However, it offers more services than the Facebook messaging application: it has versions for web browsers, a desktop presentation and allows you to share files of any size by direct messages.

Line also removes Whatsapp users

Outstanding among the apps for offering an instant translation service, a wide variety of 'emojis' and stickers. The latter puts it ahead of WhatsApp that is still evaluating include Facebook stickers and an 'emojis' search engine in its beta update.

Viber removes less but is a good choice

With over 10 million downloads, this low-power app has a formidable look with WhatsApp . But it is distinguished by its low data consumption and sound quality when making calls.

Hangouts, the app that is on more mobiles than Whatsapp

The Google chat that default comes in the mobile using Android as the operating system. It offers several alternatives, such as recording video calls to share them on YouTube. It has its own list of 'emojis' and is complemented by other Google apps . It is true that it is not the most active users nor the most users have stolen Whatsapp, however, if you have a point in favor is that it is installed on all terminals with Android.

WeChat, the alternative with special functions

The last of the apps we will name is WeChat, this is like WhatsApp can be used from a browser when scanning a QR code. It allows transferring up to 10 MB of the computer to the phone and supports formats such as PDF, MP3, MOV, .doc and ppt, among many others. In addition, it has an option called "take a look" that is used to chat with random people who are using the same application near the user's location. The latter is very interesting if you want to meet new people.

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