Foxconn has confirmed that Apple intends to purchase the production of Toshiba microchips

Apple and Amazon plans to buy a semiconductor center Toshiba. On this has reported Monday the Nikkei resource industry, citing Foxconn's president, terry Gu.

Buying a Toshiba microchip are interested in five companies. More by the purchase of production offers Foxconn - about 2 trillion yen ($ 18.2 million). According to the production chief of the pair, Apple and Amazon, will consider the possibility of "participating in the media." Do not It is clear whether it is the financing of the operation or investment in production.

"Apple and Amazon offer money together, but I can not comment exactly how much each company offers," the Gow said. His comment became the first official confirmation of what the iPhone maker is participating in the tender.

Apple and Amazon are the main customers of Foxconn. More than half of the revenue from the latter receives from supplying components and assembling Apple gadgets. At the same time Foxconn manufactures Amazon Kindle eBooks and the "smart" Echo column.

In January 2017 Toshiba approved plans for the allocation of production of microchips in a separate company, and the beginning of a third-party search of the investment. Therefore, Toshiba was going to avoid многомиллиардных losses after having invested in nuclear energy in the United States.

Toshiba that values ​​the company's production of microchips in the amount of about 1-1.5 trillion yen ($ 9 to 13 million dollars). Toshiba's semiconductor chips are a component of data storage and are used in smart phones and personal computers.
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