FRAMED 2 is the sequel to the best mobile game of the year -


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Monday, 19 June 2017

FRAMED 2 is the sequel to the best mobile game of the year

Today, we have the case when there are reviews, reviews and reviews read is not necessary. You need to find the link to the App Store the game, and purchase. Now. Immediately. That would be in an ideal world. But, unfortunately - over six paragraphs we have to explain why you should do this. Well, let's get started. The argument of the first: three years ago the creator of the great Metal Gear Solid called FRAMED best game of the year. Not only for mobile - in Overall, the best game of the year. Well, you with us?

Well, then let's continue. FRAMED 2 begins with the event before the beginning of the original part of the world, with different умников this is known as "prequel". He played in the first (and they must play in the first part, he knows the whole story крутилось black around the bag: behind him pursued police, bandits, fatal women, retired detective drinkers and others This is where the briefcase has been put - it is clandestinely from exotic countries.Travel bags, of course, immediately falls into the wrong hands, and then to another, then to another. Suitcase, in this case, is not obvious: hitchcock called this technique "МакГаффином" - says, by МакГаффином everyone walks, and the viewer does not really know who he is, but he is aware of its importance.The perfect example of МакГфффина Surely you have seen in "Criminal чтиве" - there due to the suitcase with the goldfish and the contents have died about five people.

The atmosphere нуарного film is well applied on the game - here is not simply a viewer inspired by the Golden Hollywood Era action, but direct the main part of its mechanism. In describing the game mechanics of TRAMA 2 incredibly difficult, it is like painting the theory of the assembly.

In general, that is the case. The wheel goes, suddenly the camera stops and backs away, and the image breaks down into several jigsaw elements. You need to collect. Each puzzle is a piece of video recording; If you merge correctly, you will win full of the scene. If you make a mistake - the sequence will be broken, the hero, for example, runs down the stairs, and will fall. Or hit directly in the clutches of the police. In other words, PLOT 2: assembly instruction: not only have to pick up the pieces, but assume that the next element will begin.

With the passage of a certain amount of levels of complexity increases. At first, you just have to collect this interactive comic - nothing complicated, once, twice, mom, motor, come on. Then the number of склеек will grow. Then you will need to vary from a moving scene - one up, one down, the first back up, and so on. It is undoubtedly a puzzle game at its best: you really have to break it, "head.

If the description seems heavy, it is because FRAMED 2 is extremely problematic to paint the text (or the author of a limited vocabulary). Actually, here everything is intuitive and understand, not easy - just need to see in action.

We have already said a few words about style, but, the soul needs a little more. FRAMED 2 constantly juggles respected markers нуарных movies (the one who has watched the movie with humphrey Богартом, the all understand) of the speakers spills something peaceful and jazz, and in the frame constantly smoke in the foreground, hid from the rain. In itself the noir style - no cause for happiness: this was already time without pity испохабить and опошлить. But FRAMED 2 refers to the original carefully and smoothly - it is the case, when the atmosphere really works, and not only for a check mark and претенциозных dialogues about the futility of life. In the TRAMA 2 river nightlife - in any case, so far in the hands of the suitcase.

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