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Monday, 5 June 2017

Google Chrome will have ad blocker on iOS

The battle of the navigators seems to be something more and more secondary, nevertheless, the companies responsible of the most used continue working to become the number one of the global ranking. This, of course, also means that the current king of the list, the Google Chrome browser, will continue to add new features designed to attract more users and maintain the position they both struggled to achieve in due course. And the one he presented a few days ago is not a small thing precisely.

For some time now it has been rumored the possibility of Google integrating an own ad blocker in Chrome, but did not finish convincing the idea that Google, a company whose income comes largely from advertising, supported such programs . Now it is Google itself that has confirmed the development of this new functionality, which will be integrated in the first months of next year 2018 on all platforms where Google Chrome is present.

How will it affect web pages?

The idea is not to block all the advertising content of the web pages we visit , but simply those ads that are intrusive and annoying to Internet users. To determine which ads will not be deleted when using Google Chrome, the company will be guided by the recommendations of the Coalition for Better Ads . Of course, the vast majority of websites will be interested in following the guidance of the coalition because otherwise users of the world's most popular browser will stop reporting advertising revenue.

To prevent this from happening , the company will try to help those responsible for the web pages that request it to integrate the recommendations . In addition, they will create new options to support those who are affected by the blockages, so that the impact is less. Personally, I hope Google is very careful when it comes to bringing this new feature, and is that advertising is what makes it possible for sites like iPadizate to continue to exist.

And you, what do you think the bet of Google?

Source | Google Blog

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