Google improved the accuracy of voice recognition to the level of human capabilities

Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana - today everyone knows the names. Virtual attendees of the major IT giants today are enjoying great popularity among mobile device users. They already agree among themselves a competition to see who is better. But are helpers voice applicable in our daily lives?

The main problem of all the wizard - the natural ability to understand the human voice. Siri can not boast of accuracy of Speech recognition, sometimes even simple phrases, pronounced with a good diction are perceived as a function of error. Not to mention the everyday in pronunciation.

In Google claim that they have achieved that their voice assistant recognizes speech is not worse to the person. A representative of mary meeker's company under the Code Conference said that Google improved the accuracy of hearing detection to 95%.

Thanks to machine learning algorithms, Google's search engine and voice assistant now understand English speaking as accurately as language carriers.

Also of interest is not the result, but how Google has come to it. According to statistics, in the last four years the accuracy of the survey increased by 20%. In the year 2013 the quality of English recognition was 75%.

Given the speed with which this trend develops, in the near future, we will be able to communicate with mobile devices and computers with the same ease and simplicity, as and with others.
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