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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

How iOS 11 will change the way you use your iPhone

For better or for worse, the iPhone (and any other smartphone) has become one more element of our daily life , an extension of our arm, a very difficult tool to replace.

We use the iPhone to take pictures, to illuminate with your flashlight, to carry out operations with your calculator, to keep track of our exercises, to communicate with other people, to read news, to play games ... and so I could continue to get tired.

It is interesting to imagine how the iPhone could change our life within 5 or 10 years. The technological advances will allow us to carry out actions that, today, are difficult to imagine . Something similar happens with the arrival of iOS 11 software, albeit on a smaller scale.

The new features of iOS 11 will completely change the way we use the iPhone . In this article we will review some of the most remarkable features in relation to this premise.

Customize the Control Center

That panel divided into three sections of iOS 10 has changed a lot and now, with iOS 11, the Control Center will allow us to organize and customize each of its elements . Users will finally have the ability to turn on and off features such as Low Power Mode and Mobile Data in a faster way. In addition, it will feature 3D Touch functions that will maximize the full potential of your iPhone.

Do Not Disturb mode when driving

Driving while using iPhone is dangerous, very dangerous. Apple knows this and has wanted to make life easier (and safe) with a new feature. The new Do Not Disturb mode while driving will automatically block all notifications and allow you to send reply messages to your contacts without moving a single finger.

Make payments between people with Apple Pay

To this day it is already possible to pay in different places with your iPhone through Apple Pay. Well, from now on with iOS 11 it will also be possible to make payments between people through the iMessage application . And in a matter of seconds!

Via | NY Times

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