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Sunday, 4 June 2017

How iOS 11 will change your iPhone

Apple's iPhone improves year after year in two different ways: through the launch of new hardware in September, and through the software update in June.

Failing a single day for the presentation of iOS 11 at Apple's WWDC , it's time to reflect on how the new version of Apple's mobile operating system could change the iPhone.

On Monday we will know how it will look iOS 11 . Considering that this is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, expectations are very high. What software ideas will Apple have imagined to merge with the hardware of the new iPhone?


The iPhone dock currently only offers users the ability to add 4 applications (6 applications in the case of the iPad). This could change with iOS 11. In addition, after removing the bezels of the iPhone 8 Apple would have much more space on the screen to include new features.

Animated app icons

So far, Apple's "Clock" application is the only one with animations. With iOS 11 the company could include new animations to offer more information to users in each app . For example, the Time application would display the temperature and Calendar the closest event.


The launch of iOS 10 was a major change in visual aesthetics in the iPhone and iPad notifications user interface. The notifications have a more minimalist and elegant appearance. However, there are still many details to be polished. IOS 11 could offer better organization and grouping of notifications by applications .


Siri is also expected to introduce new changes to iOS 11 with support for more services and integration into third-party applications . It is now possible to send messages to WhatsApp via Siri, but soon we will be able to ask the Apple virtual assistant much more, such as opening specific web pages in Safari or posting a photograph on Instagram.

Via | CNET

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