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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

How to make a HARD RESET from Wiko Upulse

In this tutorial we are going to teach you to perform a factory reset or hard reset of Wiko Upulse the process is quite simple and fast although you will have to consider several things before launching to do it.

Although it is a fairly safe and simple process , CP will not be responsible for any damage to the terminal, the entire process will be under the responsibility of the owner and we recommend that if you have any questions consult a professional.

Before performing this process we recommend that you back up all data you do not want to lose, photos, videos, music, contacts, as the hard reset will leave your terminal as if you will just remove it from the box.

Now if you have decided to go ahead follow these instructions.

Wiko Upulse restore factory data

The Wiko Upulse can be restored in two ways, the first of them is valid for when we can not turn on the terminal for some reason, in this case we use the physical buttons on the mobile to do a hard reset on Wiko UPulse, follow these steps:

  • Fully charges the battery of the terminal.
  • Press and hold the Volume +, Volume - and On / Off keys until "Recovery mode: Volume Up" appears on the display ; "Factory mode: Volume Down".
  • Now use the Volume + key to scroll through the menu and select "Recovery Mode".
  • Now use the Volume key again - to scroll through the different menu options to position you on the "Wipe data / factory reset" option.
  • Use the Volume + and Volume - keys again to scroll through the menu and position yourself on "Yes - delete all user data".
  • Continue using the Volume + and Volume - keys to move to "Reboot system now".

Now the terminal will start the process and once it is finished your mobile phone will be just taken out of the box.

The second of the ways we can restore the factory data of Wiko Upulse we can use it whenever we can turn on the terminal and we must follow the following steps:

  • We will go to the Settings menu .
  • Click the Backup option .
  • Now select Reset Factory Data .
  • And then Select 'Reset Phone' at the bottom of the screen.
  • Finally we confirm that we want to erase all the contents of the internal memory.
  • We select again that it is correct and erase everything.

This way we will have our terminal as if it were new.

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