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Monday, 19 June 2017

How to recover important deleted data on your iPhone

Have you deleted a very important photo by mistake? Or maybe the data of some game that you had very advanced? Or maybe somehow you've caused damage to the software on your device?

Either way, accidents happen and you never know when they can happen. For these cases, it is highly recommended to perform a periodic backup on our iTunes every time the device connects. Have you ever made one? Quiet, it is very likely that it was created without you knowing, since iTunes creates it whenever the device connects to the computer.

In the event that you have deactivated this function premeditatedly and do not have any loss of data yet, I recommend that you make a manual copy of your terminal from time to time. In the event you have suffered any damage to the software and have no backup available, I recommend you read this article.

How can we restore a backup from iTunes?

If you have your daily backup and you need to restore it, there are some simple and simple steps that you must follow to load that backup.

First, we connect our device to the computer using the USB Lightning cable. I recommend using an official Apple cable (or one verified by the brand) to avoid any type of error during the process. Next, if iTunes prompts you for a code, enter the password of your device to confirm that the computer you are using is trusted. ITunes may block this restore if you use "Search for my iPhone". If this is your case, follow this tutorial.

After connecting our device and following the above steps, we will be shown a brief instructions that we must follow. When we have completed everything, in iTunes we will see an image of our device. If not, an icon will appear at the top of iTunes. If the device still does not appear, I recommend reading this article .

Now, we must go to the right side of the square "Backup" and click on "Restore copy ...". If a message appears informing us that our software is old, click on "Search update" at the top to be able to follow.

If all goes well, a window will appear in which we can choose which backup to load. We select the backup that we want to restore, focusing on the device name and date.

When the restore process completes, the device will automatically restart and all files from the backup will be transferred to the device. We should never disconnect it while performing the process!

Once finished, the terminal is ready for use. Everything will be exactly the same as the day the backup was made and all our data and files will have been restored correctly.

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