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Monday, 26 June 2017

How to switch from Android to iOS and not die trying

When we talk about smartphones, we know that the dominant operating systems are iOS and Android. In the case of iOS, Apple has the advantage of creating their own phones , so they can adapt the operating system to the hardware and achieve better performance.

Why use iOS instead of Android? There are several reasons why to do this, and is that iOS despite having certain limited features, is a secure, stable and very functional system .

Limited internal storage: Although there are people who consider it a disadvantage, iPhones are not compatible with micro SD cards. This is to improve the security of the system. If someone steals an iPhone, they will pass them to access the data of this . On the other hand, if your phone has a micro SD, you can always extract and access what is inside.

Apple Ecosystem: If you have friends or family with any Apple device, you will enjoy many advantages you could not perform from iOS to Android . I mean using iMessage, Apple Pay or many other utilities that would work great between Apple devices.

Apple Store and Technical Support: We all have to experience a lifetime visit to the Apple Store. The service they offer is excellent and they do not rest until you solve your problem as soon as possible . They are aware of how important the phone is to someone and make sure the customer feels that everything is under control.
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How to switch from Android to iOS?

If we finally decided, now we must focus on migrating the old Android to our new iPhone . To do this and adapt to the new operating system, we must take into account certain aspects.

We need a migration application: We can use an app like Copy My Data to export Android data to our iPhone using the Wi-Fi connection. To do this, we only need to install the application on both phones. This application will copy us from calendars and contacts to photos and videos . We also have the Move to iOS app for Android. This app is official Apple and allows us to sync with an Android device during the iPhone startup configuration .

Synchronization: We can also import data using Gmail synchronization. If we had all of our contacts, calendars and more in Gmail, we can import them directly from your iOS app .

We have to adapt to the use of iTunes: If we want to import another type of data to our iPhone from the computer, we need iTunes. It's quite annoying, but it also has security reasons, you can not touch anything on your phone without your iCloud password. In case we used iTunes before, we can import all the music, movies or photos we had in iTunes just by giving it to sync . Once you get used to it, it's not so annoying.
I'm sure you'll be able to migrate your Android to iOS with no problem. In addition to the blink of an eye, you will realize how functional and secure the operating system of your new phone is.

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