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Sunday, 18 June 2017

I have an iPhone 5C, what will happen to him now?

It's been a few years since we started imagining what the first low-cost iPhone would look like. Many rumors appeared about mini versions of the iPhone that we all knew, and yet, when it came to the day of its presentation, we got a big surprise. Not only was it not a mini iPhone, but it was also better than we could have thought at first after so many rumors .

He was known by many as the return to the plastic of the iPhone, and by as many as the breath of fresh air that needed the range thanks to the range of colors that came with. But, as I said at the beginning, many years have already passed, and support for the iPhone 5C, like the iPhones that came before it, is about to end , leaving millions of users with a phone unable to Meet the technological challenges of the coming years.

It will be a classic end of support, no need to worry more than necessary

As you know, iOS will leave the 32 bits behind and focus exclusively on 64-bit chips, which began to appear in the range with the arrival of the iPhone 5S. Unfortunately, this means that the iPhone 5C will be left without updating. However, it is not the end of the world, nor are you forced to purchase a new terminal automatically. As it has already happened, the iPhone 5C will no longer have official support from Apple, and will not receive any more important updates , but your apps will not stop working, at least for now.

It's right that developers will be forced to make their app compatible with 64-bit processors to run on iOS 11, and over time will stop worrying about creating 32-bit versions , but the latter will continue to function as of now, at the moment. In any case, it is a process that will take your time, probably enough so that you can save and buy a more modern and secure iPhone. Because, if there is something that you should worry about, it is for the security that you will stop having to not be able to update . That would be a good reason to change your device as soon as possible.

Do you have an iPhone 5C? What will you do when the official support ends?

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