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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

If you want security, forget about Android and buy an iPhone

With this development of high-end Android smartphones, some iPhone users are sure to upgrade their handset and switch airplanes because of course, although it is increasingly common to find Android as or more expensive than the iPhone, the reality is that For example, the design of the OnePlus 5 is an imprint of the iPhone 7 Plus and costs almost half . But everything that glitters is not gold. Apart from the enormous differences of the operating system in terms of fluidity, stability, updating and efficiency stands out one that can get your hair up: security.

Because yes, Android is terribly flexible and thanks to that you can download apps from anywhere, transfer content forgetting about iTunes and the application platform is much more extensive. Come, your range of possibilities is broader, yes, at the cost of losing in security because of its greater openness and the human factor .

App Store vs Google Play

In fact, it's a rare day when we do not have to witness attacks, malware, viruses, adware that attack Android terminals , we're not going to fool you: even installing WhatsApp is safe on Android .

And is that while in Apple the process of entry into the App Store is long and goes through overcoming a series of tests to verify that the app is not only not harmful but fits our terminals, iOS and does not infringe the Intellectual property laws, any Google Play happens.

To make matters worse, periodically Apple is performing sweeps and eliminating apps that have managed to pass their hard filter and go if you get it. So if you download apps from the App Store you can rest easy, it is a practically secure environment .

Android is the main target of hackers

The key to everything is the market share . And is that the goal of hackers is to cause as much damage as possible, something they can do more effectively attacking the operating system par excellence, ie Android. The calculation is easy: more users, more damage capacity and more likely to succeed in their role. Pure probability and logic.

Security Updates

However, the previous point is also favored by the blatant unprotection of Android devices . Little we have to say about it not to say Tim Cook in WWDC 2017 , and as a picture is worth a thousand words, here you have the proof:

It is of no use that every time developers detect attacks, bugs or a security and / or privacy bug quickly prepare a patch if Android users do not install the updates, either because they do not feel like it, because they do not know or simply because their terminal He does not allow it. On the other side of the coin we find the Apple iOS, which in less than half a year of implementation of iOS 10 got 4 out of 5 iOS devices with him. Apple develops patches and security enhancements but also makes sure that its users install it .

And is that Apple is a real "tired" in terms of installing or running processes that he considers important , there is more to think about every time he insists on making a backup, something that certainly will come very well in case of disaster.

Test environment or Sandbox

IOS has a tremendously useful tool in case of disaster, it is a test environment for each app where in case of problems prevents interaction with other apps . That is, if an app suffers a malicious attack, no other app outside its testing environment will be affected. If you are an Android user do not bother looking for it, you will not find it.

Some numbers

The numbers speak for themselves: during 2016 on Android were found 523 vulnerabilities in front of 161 iOS. And that the previous year was fairly quiet for Android, which in 2015 had to endure Stagefright, one of the most serious threats suffered by the operating system of Google in all its history.

With the information on the table, now it's up to you to choose .

Via | Andro4All

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