In every second the iPhone 8 is Intel's production modem -


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Friday, 2 June 2017

In every second the iPhone 8 is Intel's production modem

The conflict between Apple and Qualcomm was in the hands of Intel, and through this trial in the confrontation receives orders of more than the "apple" of a giant.

In the first iPhone, дебютировавшем in 2007, the modems of the company Infineon Technologies were used. Subsequently Intel acquired Infineon wireless chip production center, however, чипмейкер was not able to get orders from the iPhone manufacturer and The iPad, as well as the last of his preference for Qualcomm. Before the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus corporation of cupertino has exclusively used the baseband Qualcomm chips.

Last year, Intel received about 30% of orders for the delivery of modems for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The cost of these chips was below those of Qualcomm, however, and performance was not in favor of Intel products, so rumors that Apple withdraws from the collaboration with Intel. However, between Apple and Qualcomm the dispute over royalties for patents broke out.

In the year 2017, Apple has increased the share of mobile orders, Intel modems for the iPhone 8 up to 50%. In addition, by the year 2018 this figure can exceed 70%. This data leads Digitimes citing sources in the supply chain.

In addition to the development of chips, Qualcomm is very important in the business related to the sale of rights to use the company's patents. In connection with the fact that more and more of you-giants began to invest in the creation of their own processors, while China, South Korea and other countries initiated an inquiry into the legitimacy of Qualcomm's licensing rights, The predominance of the company in the mobile chip market in recent years had put in danger.

In January, Apple sued Qualcomm for engaging in dominance abuse on the market. According to the applicant, being the largest chip maker, the company has established "licensing conditions" of its patents, and Apple did not give the possibility of choosing another chip supplier. The amount of the claim was $ 1 billion

In April of Qualcomm filed a counterclaim to Apple, in turn, accuses the company in the sense that it is violating the agreements and arrangements, involved in the agreements of Qualcomm with third companies, has by Qualcomm with the regulators worldwide , And does not use the maximum performance of Qualcomm chips on the new iPhone 7. "

In May 2017, Qualcomm filed in the production court of Apple's partners, claiming to stop paying interest on the use of its technologies.

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