In the race of augmented reality, Apple could soon advance to Google -


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Friday, 30 June 2017

In the race of augmented reality, Apple could soon advance to Google

The big technology companies are willing to do everything to become one of the kings of the next big market. The leap into a more interactive and personal computing that is never around the corner, and no one wants to be left behind. Especially knowing that change could completely change our view of what a computer really is. Our vision of the technology that surrounds us. Our vision of reality.

What is reality? The reality, for me, is the image we build in our mind from all the information we can collect. As much of this information is common, we usually share the same reality. If we could all change at will the flow of data that our senses receive, which feeds the construction of our reality, we could live practically as we wanted. We could improve our current reality or create a completely new one at the mercy of our desires and imagination .

The augmented reality aims to fulfill the first objective. Allows us to satisfy our curiosity by giving us access to each of the details of our environment , or give us the possibility to slightly modify our reality by introducing completely new elements. It does not pretend to isolate us from the world we know, and that's why Apple has so much interest in this technology. But it is not the only, nor the best, at least for the moment.

This is a battle for the consumer market that can only win Apple

A few years ago, Apple's biggest competitor, Alphabet / Google, started its journey through this type of market . Among their augmented reality projects, we have been able to find some that caused a lot of impact, but that in the end it seems that they stayed in nothing in advance too much, as is the case of Glass . Also, we have others like Tango , that if they came to become a product of consumption, but have not managed to convince users despite being really promising .

Google is trying to come up with the perfect product, but its big problem is, it is not able to achieve a good user base. He does not know how to convince the world that his product is useful , and they are dedicated to launch projects until one of them triumphs by pure chance. That's why you will not be able to beat Apple in this market, because they put in each of their products the necessary attention so that they are able to make their way among others. Of course they have made mistakes, but they have learned from them and they have come through.

All this, leads me to think that Apple will be the only company able to get users to see augmented reality as something that will be part of the future of technology. They will succeed in giving the function that will inspire the creators to start a new revolution similar to the one that the App Store supposed almost nine years ago. Thanks to their support, augmented reality will not be forgotten how many of the projects created by Google.

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