In Russia has installed a new mobile internet speed record -


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Sunday, 4 June 2017

In Russia has installed a new mobile internet speed record

The company "the Megfono" and Huawei have set the mobile internet speed record in Russia, demonstrating the operation of the fifth generation network at a speed of 35 gb / s. Says in the message Of mobile operator.

"It may be a lot of thinking and fantasizing about how the internet will develop in the future, but today we can say that the 5G to get to Russia very soon", - said sergey Солдатенков, CEO of "Megaphone".

He said that in 2018 in Russia will be held the world football championship and "this tournament will be the fastest in history."

"The megaphone" and Huawei at its stand in petersburgus in the international economic forum presented a fifth generation base station in action, for which the TDD operating mode was used in the frequency range of 70 Ghz (E- Band) with a bandwidth of 2 Ghz.

"We are in the era, when all spheres of life become digital. 5G of how the technology of the networks of the future will guarantee the connection anywhere, anytime, in a movement with almost zero latency and endless possibilities of application. This requires the effort of the entire ecosystem, including operators, equipment manufacturers and industry partners, "said Эйден from El, the head of the Huawei company in Russia.

In "El Megfono" certain that the fifth generation networks will allow to implement the services, they are able to increase the competitiveness of the entire economy of the country. Dozens of different sectors of the industry can significantly reduce costs, increase productivity and release the human potential for creativity creativity, which in total will increase the efficiency of the economy and increase the quality of life of people.

5G-network apart from high-speed also provide unprecedented low data transmission delay of up to 1 ms), opening up new possibilities of 5G application in different areas of life. One such driving destination is where the speed of reaction is a critical factor.

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