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Friday, 30 June 2017

Instagram heads for the trolls in comments

If something is clear on Facebook, it is that they must take care of their communities to the maximum. And if they have to use innovative methods such as the use of artificial intelligence, they will. And is that we have to take into account the amount of comments that are written on Facebook and Instagram per second . Only then can we be a little aware of what it means to moderate a community of this size and impact. A community in which the most innocent of the posts can end up turning against you .

No matter how many people you try to get to work to control users. In most cases these systems depend on the reports that the users themselves do , and of course, they do not with the first one that appears, but when several users have already decided to send a request for moderation. For this reason, so far were many posts and comments that still managed to pass the control of Facebook. But this is going to change .

Artificial intelligence will have no mercy with those who disturb Instagram

From now on, there will be a new moderator on Instagram. One that, with complete security, will manage to greatly reduce the amount of offensive comments that appear on the social network. This is DeepText , the same AI that was integrated into Facebook recently to improve it precisely in this aspect. This program seeks to understand how we use our language, and tries to identify offensive comments among those who would normally go unnoticed for not having strictly cursive words.

For now, it will only be available in English , and you can activate it from the comments settings in your profile. Over time it will adapt to other languages ​​to help curb these kind of comments that do nothing but harm the people behind each profile. Personally, I think it's pretty depressing that we've had to get to the point where an AI has to be watching over us so we do not hurt others with our words. Let's hope people learn over time to control themselves.

And you, do you think this new tool will achieve its objectives? Do you see enough?

Source | Instagram Blog

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