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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Instagram tests new ways to give you the choice who can see your photos

One of the main competitions of the 21st century is to see who can have more followers in social networks. For some reason, we like to see how the number of people watching us increases with time. I guess it feels good knowing that you have the great responsibility of being able to influence others with what you publish on social networks. But you sure do not want all your fans to see the same content .
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There are things that one shares in a more comfortable way than others , that is something that we all have to recognize. In addition, there is the possibility that among our followers are certain people who may not want to see our publications. It is true that we could block them, but we would lose a follower. In addition, if we had the ability to decide who receives certain posts and who not in specific cases, it would not be necessary. Instagram has thought about it, and today has presented us with a function that will help us to fulfill this small desire of the users.

Instagram gives you new options to preserve your privacy

With the latest update of Instagram, users will begin to have the possibility to create personalized lists of favorites in which we can add to the people that we want . Thanks to these lists, only the followers that have been added will be able to see the contents that we mark as exclusive for favorites. Users can distinguish when it is a post marked for favorites thanks to a small green icon that will appear in them.

This will work both in stories and in regular publications, so that we can always decide who sees what we share, even with an open account. Of course, nothing prevents users from taking captures of these protected content, but that is already a matter of correctly choosing those that we want to belong to our list. For now, this feature is available to a small number of users , but is expected to be available to all in the coming months.

Source | The Verge

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