Investors have put $ 1.3 billion against Apple in the bottom of the stock drop at 6.2% -


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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Investors have put $ 1.3 billion against Apple in the bottom of the stock drop at 6.2%

Наметившееся the fall of Apple shares in the overall fund of technological growth in the sector tells us that traders pessimistic about the future of the company.

According to data from, since May 15 short positions on Apple shares have grown to $ 1.3 billion, while in the same period of time stock market fund, tracking the general sector of the Technology, saw a decline in the number of Short positions at $ 316 million

The last two days have been specially chosen for those who play against Apple: as a result of the stock drop in 6.2% of the sum of short positions, reached more than $ 500 million

Taking into account that Apple surpasses the others of the technological company of the sector, it is not surprising that she became the target of speculators- "bears." In the middle of last week, iPhone maker shares rose 34% since the start of the year, compared to 8.7% in the S & P 500 case.

Since January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs presented the world's first iPhone, Apple's stock price has grown by more than 12 times: from $ 12 to $ 145. The iPhone forever changed the world and the company itself. Since then the company's shares and their capitalization are highly valued.

Of course, when the iPhone became habitual in the device, investors have come to expect from Apple's revolutionary device, which could also change the world. Unfortunately, presented to the public in late April 2015 Apple Watch, so the device is not made of steel. This device has not caused a change in the minds of consumers and disappointed investors, who began the massive sale of Apple shares.

So it remained until July 27, 2016, when Apple celebrated a billion of the sale of its iPhone, and stock prices have moved to growth, surpassing the middle of the gap. Later in 2016, Samsung's fiasco with the launch of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone stimulated the growth of Apple shares, which has fully manifested in the moment of повального the passions of American stock market stock after the Presidential election of the United States, in the mad wave rising prices due to a rainbow of prospects trump presidency. At this time, Apple has returned to its past glory, when its shares have risen to a peak of $ 135, rebounded to the level prior to the presentation of разочаровавших watch Apple Watch.

Current decline in shares of technology companies forced investors to think that may be the prelude to a collapse of the entire market after Friday the company Goldman Sachs published a report, in which analysts have found similarities between The current situation in the market and the conditions, circumstances and before the collapse of the dot com

Starting at 9:30 pm Moscow shares Apple shares at around $ 145.43 (-0.79%).

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