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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

IOS 11: All about the new Control Center

It has been a WWDC full of surprises. While it is true that the vast majority of the news that Apple has introduced and we knew from the rumors and leaks, the company has revealed some features of iOS 11 that we have found fascinating.

Perhaps the most notable features of iOS 11 are: the new Dock design, App Switcher performance, changes made to the App Store user interface, improvements to Siri and ... The new Control Center!

It seems Apple has finally decided to balance the balance between customization, simplicity, minimalism and functionality in its iOS 11 Control Center. Although there are things to improve, we have loved it!

What's new in the iOS Control Center 11

Activating the Control Center in iOS 11 remains exactly the same as in previous versions of Apple's mobile operating system of the bite apple. Just slide your finger up from the bottom of the iPhone and / or iPad and ... There it is!

But the big surprise comes now, and is that the Control Center iOS 11 is displayed on a single page . It no longer has three different panels (for the system, for HomeKit and for Apple Music), but its user interface is much larger.

The iOS Control Center 11, as you will see in the images, has different floating elements scattered all over the screen. It is much more customizable and interactive, and features 3D Touch functions that allow access to more applications and functions.

Another of the surprises of the WWDC regarding the Control Center is that it will now be available in the iPad App Switcher.

At the design level, it's better organized, but Apple has selected a black tonality that may not appeal to all users accustomed to white color after many years of use.

Update: We are testing the beta version of iOS 11 and apparently it is possible to customize the items in the Control Center in iOS 11. Finally!

What do you think about the new changes in the iOS 11 Control Center? Do you think Apple will allow adding elements and buttons?

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