IOS 11 allows you to scan the QR code of a router to access the Wi-Fi network

One of the novelties that Apple did not mention about iOS 11 in the last WWDC is the possibility of scanning QR code through the camera, a feature that many users had asked for for years and could only get through the jailbreak.

Well, thanks to that, the Cupertino have decided to greatly simplify the connections to Wi-Fi networks, as thanks to iOS 11 it will be possible to scan the QR code of the router in question to connect directly to that network without having to enter the password.

Thanks to iOS 11 it will not be necessary to memorize the Wi-Fi network password

Doing so will notify you that a Wi-Fi network has been detected, and after clicking on it, we will connect automatically without entering any data manually.

Of course, we must bear in mind that not all the routers have a QR code , and besides, it is of no use the invention if we have changed the password that offers by default, since in the end, it is no more than a shortcut To the data of the same.
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