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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

IOS 11 in action: that's what's new

The Cupertino giant's new operating system may not seem like a big update at first glance , but I can assure you it is. The company has incorporated many new features, changes, enhancements and APIs that developers have already been able to test since WWDC 2017.

This week, Apple released the second beta of the system , iOS 11 beta 2. This version includes many bug fixes that developers - and not so developers - will be grateful for. With this second version also appeared a list of new features and changes that Apple fans did not know.

Below, I'll show you some of the best new features that brings us iOS 11 beta 2.

You can delete the recent section on the iPad Dock

The new Dock section of the iPad, recent applications, which made newly opened application icons appear on different devices , can be disabled from iOS 11 beta 2 from the settings menu.

Apple Maps FlyOver and Indoor Maps

A new feature of Apple Maps that allows us to see the city like never before. It places us at the top of a city and allows us to see around us using the device's gyroscope.

In addition, they have also added a function to view maps and interior plans of buildings such as airports (Indoor Maps). With this function it will be easier to orient ourselves within very large buildings.

Share screenshot

When you take a screenshot with the phone, we will see the capture made at the bottom left of the screen. Holding down this image will show the sharing options , something that was not available before.

Do not disturb mode while driving

This function was already visible in the previous beta, but it did not work correctly. Now when activated, the mobile will automatically detect when it is in a car and will activate the do not disturb mode .

In the same way, you can configure a default message to be sent when someone tries to contact you . In addition to configuring this message, iOS will give the option to anyone who wants to contact you to mark the message as urgent and send it anyway. Also, Siri will disable all text responses when this mode is on.

Here is a video explaining some of the new iOS 11 beta 2 features. 

We have a detailed list of all the new features on 9toMac's blog. And is that this new version of the operating system promises a lot. It has several new features designed specifically to make life easier for us and our experience with the iPhone or iPad is better.

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