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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

IOS 11 lets you share Wi-Fi automatically

IOS 11 came with a lot of new features, the new version of Apple's mobile operating system now offers much more customization. In addition, many of the elements of your user interface are much less intrusive.

It is difficult to mention all the new features that iOS 11 provides to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but the most interesting features are: new interface for App Switcher , Customizable Control Center , Dock with more applications, changes in multitasking ...

Additionally, Apple has also introduced a novelty that many of you will love. We are talking about the possibility of sharing the Wi-Fi signal automatically . That is, without having to copy and paste the password from one device to another.

So, if a friend comes to your house and asks you to use your Internet connection, you can share your Wi-Fi with him with a simple touch on the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

How does it work?

Wi-Fi sharing automatically requires both devices to have iOS 11 installed . When a user tries to share the Wi-Fi signal on their device, the typical screen will show the password field.

But if a device (with iOS 11, remember) is close to the device of the user who wants to share their Wi-Fi signal, a small popup window appears mentioning that a device wants to join the network.

Therefore, the user only has to press the button "Send password" to arrive via OTA (Over The Air). For its part, the user who wants to connect to the Wi-Fi will receive the password and will connect to the Wi-Fi signal completely automatically.

No doubt this is a wonderful novelty. Although we will end up using it four or five times throughout the year, but it will save us time and hassle . We only hope that this new feature does not give problems of hacker attacks to the Internet connection. We'll see!

Source | 9to5mac

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