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Sunday, 25 June 2017

IOS 11: Why do users hate the new notification system?

Since the introduction of iOS 11 in # WWDC17 in CP we have been talking about each and every aspect and / or elements of the latest mobile operating system user interface for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch .

We talked about the Control Center and its customization, the redesigned Dock and its new features, the Multitasking and the option to drag and drop elements from one app to another, and more.

But we had not talked about the new notification system yet or why iOS 11 users did not like the changes introduced in the Notifications Center.

What happens with the new iOS 11 Notifications Center?

Now, in iOS 11, when you slide your finger down to activate the Notifications Center you find yourself surprisingly with the lock screen. Here are the notifications for today, but not all of them. To view all notifications from here, you'll need to slide your finger (back) up .

Why notifications are separated in different sections, and coupled to the lock screen, is a mystery. But the most important problem, and what has annoyed many users, is that iOS 11 notifications can not be deleted one by one .

That's right, you must open each notification to delete them individually. The best thing to do, the best thing to do, is to use the 3D Touch functionality to see a preview and then click on the "X" icon to delete it.

Users of iOS 11 have complained in social networks criticizing Apple's new notification system for iPhone and iPad. They think that it is very poorly organized and that it is not functional . And we are in agreement. Hopefully in the next updates Apple solvent this problem.

Source | IOS Gadget Hacks

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