IOS declares husband and wife: Apple fanaticism taken to another level -


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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

IOS declares husband and wife: Apple fanaticism taken to another level

Confide it: surely you have fantasized about what your wedding day will look like . There are those who imagine themselves surrounded by their brothers-in-law, the uncles of Cuenca and those friends of the University with whom you once stole an umbrella returning from a spree that you have not seen for almost ten years. Others however see themselves disguised as Elvis on a beach in Bali ... and is that weddings allow us to unleash our extravagance there as far as our pockets allow. Overall, it's something we're only going to do once in a lifetime. O dos.

But we, the Apple fans, have our own Holy Grail of weddings: does anyone imagine something more beautiful, intimate and romantic than getting married in an Apple Chapel and possibly Steve Jobs officiating the ceremony? I know, I do not either.

Okay, Jobs sadly is no longer possible. But Apple has been tasked with satisfying needs that you did not know you had for decades and this will probably be one of them today.

But if you decide to do it, know that you will not be the first, because Jermyn Wee, 34, and Chia Suat Huang, 31, have come forward and done it before you, on June 3 at the Apple Store in Singapore. Because there are things that can only happen in Asia .

There are people who believe in God, others in the Fary and Jeremyn Wee is Apple's lifelong, so neither short nor lazy stayed with the godfather and godmother half an hour before they opened to see if they could convince the manager of the store. And how are the Apple: 10 minutitos that let them to make their dream come true .

No swings, no roses or candles ... what you take today to immortalize your love surrounded by iMac, iPhone, iPad Pro crowned by the inimitable logo of the bite apple. Look how intimate and romantic everything . If even the store staff ended up applauding them!


And the staff were not only not uncomfortable, they were tremendously caring and helpful. Tim Cook, take note: here is business. Would the next marriage be the one that picked up the AirPods thrown out of the Apple Store?

Via | Mashable

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