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Monday, 19 June 2017

IPhone 8: the secret provision that Apple could plan

The iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Edition or whatever happens to be called the iPhone 10th anniversary will be presented in September and will begin to market in October . This new generation terminal will have the expected wireless load, a dual camera in an upright position, an OLED screen and a secret feature that Apple has shielded against possible leaks ...

We all hope that the signature of the bite apple will include numerous new features on the iPhone special edition with respect to the iPhone 7. Apple celebrates the 10th anniversary of its smartphone and everything seems to indicate that the company has great surprises reserved for its presentation in September.

In early 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned that "the smartphone is still in its infancy." In this way it implied that the future still has much to offer the iPhone.

Apple's Secret Plan for iPhone 8

One of the main changes of the iPhone 8, according to all the rumors, will be present in its new OLED screen. Experts and analysts believe Apple's next-gen smartphone will have an Infinity display that will cover the entire front of the terminal , meaning it will not have side bezels .

In addition, from what we have been able to know by some leaks, it would be very likely that the iPhone 8 has an OLED screen with a very subtle curve .

But there are still more, before knowing the secret provision that Apple has prepared, it is noteworthy to mention that its AMOLED screen will provide the terminal with more brightness, more color accuracy and greater autonomy .

And what does Apple hide in its plans for the iPhone 8? The position of the Touch ID functionality . It is a mystery. Some believe it will be integrated into the OLED screen, others think it will be on the back of the device, but a patent might have revealed the reality: the Touch ID will be present on one side of the iPhone.

Apple could implement the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 8 on / off button. Although it could well be positioned on the right side near the volume buttons. That could be the hidden provision of the iPhone 8, Apple's best kept secret.

Where do you think the Touch ID feature of the iPhone 8 will be?

Source | Daily Mail

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