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Sunday, 4 June 2017

IPhone rumors, Siri Speaker, Apple AR glasses, new iMac and more

The latest disclosure of Foxconn details iPhone 8, Siri Speaker, Apple AR glasses, new iMac and more.


There are disclosures claiming that the information comes from Foxconn. Foxconninsider through the Reddit website. In detail, there is talk of new Apple products that will be updated several times.

IPhone 8 No Touch ID Back

The first part to talk about is the iPhone 8. The post claims that the iPhone 8 is now undergoing EVTs (Engineering Validation Test) or engineering testing since January, and the Touch ID is not on the side. Back Like the previous rumors

By the way, iPhone 8 looks similar to the Dummy. The overall appearance is similar to the iPhone 7, but the screen edge is thinner, the machine is a glass material, but the Touch ID embedded on the screen. There are also low production success.

Siri Speaker Mac Pro Trash Can

Siri Speaker, Apple's voice-over computer, has revealed that the shape is the same as the Mac Pro trash, he revealed that Apple has tested the embedded screen. And the camera with a prototype version, but Siri Speaker to launch at WWDC 2017 may not feature. And may be delayed until the end of the year.

IMac Redesign 2018

The posters have talked about the new iMac that 2017 may have an internal system update, but in 2018 there will be new models out to redesign the new. To use the black machine is a mirror and the Apple logo is a micro LED.

MacBook and Dynamic e-Ink Magic Keyboard

In addition to the iMac, there is also a mention of the MacBook that this year will be updated only within the system. But in the next version will come with a new keyboard with Dynamic e-Ink features and OLED Touch Bar will also be updated.

In 2018, we may see a new Magic Keyboard, a Dynamic e-Ink Keyboard with an OLED Touch Bar built to help the keyboard. More interesting.

Apple AR Smart Glasses

Reddit site members are very interested in this issue. The post claims that Apple has developed Apple AR Smart Glasses glasses, but may be postponed to 2018 - 2019 or not.

The features of the Apple AR Smart Glasses are microscopic goggles for voice commands, motion sensors, wear sensors, and touch-sensitive glasses to answer calls, boost voices, and more.

All of this information has not been confirmed by Foxconn, but the data has generated a lot of traffic in the Reddit site. There are a lot of people. That information points to Mac fans seeing that 2018 next year may be the year of the Mac update, the great MacBook.

Thanks - 9to5mac

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