Is the iPhone so expensive because it is a "status symbol"? -


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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Is the iPhone so expensive because it is a "status symbol"?

Apple has for many years offered an image of luxury, elegance and exclusivity . Just over a month ago the Cupertino firm opened the doors of its first Apple Store in Dubai , and this was only a small sample of its financial potential.

We have been saying for a long time, many consumers pay a high price for the brand, for the logo of the block . But not only with Apple, it also happens with other companies and other sectors: Nike, Emidio Tucci, Ferrari ...

Consider minimalist haute cuisine as a small example. Let's say you are going to eat at an overpriced restaurant with 3 Michelin stars. It is possible that the food has a total cost of hundreds of dollars, but you have been served two tiny pieces of entrecôte bathed in all kinds of sauces and accompanied by an amazingly spectacular decoration.

So you're paying too much money for a meal? Not really. You are paying for an experience , for an excellent treatment, for a combination of flavors that you have never tried and that you may not try again in your whole life.

The same goes for a luxury Rolex, why do consumers pay thousands of euros for a simple watch? After all, all the clocks (and smartwatches) have the ability to give the time ... right?

Most high-end smartphones are basically identical. Yes, some terminals offer three or four exclusive functions, but no device stands out clearly from the others. After all, a smartphone has a processor, a coprocessor, a camera, a screen and is able to connect to the Internet. Still, in the minds of consumers (among whom I do not personally include myself), one smartphone will always be much better than another . In fact, they will be so superior that they will not mind paying an extra amount of money.

But iPhone users have a great advantage , the iPhone has evolved in such a way that offers a social status symbol . Having an iPhone implies having class, elegance, even power in some cases. It implies having an exclusive device that not many can afford. As we have mentioned on more than one occasion; If it's not an iPhone, it's not an iPhone.

And as we mentioned long ago in the tweet inserted, consumers do not usually say things like "Aim the shopping list with the Galaxy S8", but iPhone users do tend to say "Aim the list of the purchase with the iPhone" .

What do you think about this? The debate opens!

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