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Friday, 16 June 2017

Is it worth buying a new Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad?

Last week, Apple launched a wireless keyboard with a numeric keypad. The keyboard of the advanced design unit with additional navigation keys to quickly scroll through the documents and полноразмерными arrow for games.

Before choosing the full keyboard of Apple, it is worth thinking, why you will use the same additional keys and keep in mind some important points.

The size It matters

It is clear that the full size keyboard will occupy more space. If you use any of the brackets, the new Magic Keyboard may simply not fit there.

If the width of your stand less than 60 cm, and you have a Magic Trackpad, you may have to stop touch screen and use for скролла, for example, Magic Mouse 2.

Additional keys to improve productivity

The Magic Keyboard standard only features 12 function keys. If you need more, you can use the option or command. The full-size keyboard features 19 function keys and more comfortable arrow keys.

On the new keyboard you have additional keys - "Home", "End", "Page up" and "Page down" and "Delete". The "Home" key returns the cursor at the beginning of the line or page, and "End" at the end of the row or page. The "Delete" button, located next to it, is designed to delete the characters behind the cursor, not in front of it.

If you frequently use шорткатами or enter the programming code, an additional unit will be very useful.

The digital panel

Of course, the most important in the Magic Keyboard digital with the block of numeric keys. Anyone who often works with Excel, knows how useful to have the ten digits on hand. The keyboard is not a standard digital series and above the letters, so you will have.

If you do not frequently do the calculations and anyway, as you enter, you are unlikely to enjoy the convenience of the digital block, and for you is simply masturbating busy space.

The old and new model of Magic Keyboard very similar

Standard Magic Keyboard and Magic Keyboard look almost the same, the distance between the keys of the same, all specific to Apple шорткаты have not changed.

When the "Function" key in the lower left corner is passed to the "Home" and "End" keys, and "Control", "Option" and "Command" are larger in size. In addition, as already noted above, the arrow buttons now full size.

Is it worth buying Magic Keyboard with numeric?

It pays to buy the new Magic Keyboard, it depends on how your workplace works and if there is an additional need on the block.

If your keyboard support is less than 60 centimeters, and you work with the Magic Wireless Trackpad, this keyboard is not made for you.

If you often use keyboard shortcuts, it is possible, it is worth thinking about upgrading to the new Magic Keyboard.

If you are programming or often working with numbers, it is also worth considering the Magic Keyboard purchase option. After all, you will receive an extra large amount of functionality in your design.

Well and for someone a major advantage can become the size of the main buttons. If you find it difficult to fall from arrow that are on an old keyboard, for example in games it makes sense to go to Magic Keyboard with numeric.

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