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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Is it worth changing Spotify for Apple Music?

If you like music, you probably know Spotify . This great application gives us a huge library of online music that we can listen to when we want and where we want.

On the other hand, Apple Music offers us, like Spotify, a streaming music service with less support for different platforms, but with an equally respectable library.

Today we are going to compare these two giants of music streaming to know if Spotify is worth changing by Apple Music.

What platform does a larger catalog offer us?

Both are quite similar in this aspect, in the two we will find an immense variety of songs. We talk about a catalog of between 30 and 40 million songs on both platforms. Apple Music may be closer or even more than 40 million, but in both cases it is a very respectable catalog.

Which of the two consumes more data?

This depends mainly on the quality of the songs we are going to listen to . To make the comparison, we will use the default quality used by the two applications with the premium service.

  • Apple Music: 256 Kbps (High Quality, can be changed to 320 Kbps), 7.68 MB for every four minutes of audio.
  • Spotify: 320 Kbps (Premium Quality), 9.6 MB for every four minutes of audio.
The difference is remarkable, however, in the two platforms we can lower the quality of the songs until reaching 96 Kbps to consume less data.


The application with more support of the two is certainly Spotify . Here is a list of operating systems compatible with Apple Music and Spotify.


  • Windows
  • Macos
  • GNU / Linux (in Debian package .deb, compatible with Ubuntu.)
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Palm
  • Windows Phone
  • Symbian OS
  • Playstation 3
  • Playstation 4

Apple Music:

  • Windows
  • Macos
  • IOS
  • Android
However, Apple Music integrates excellently into iOS and MacOS , using a single application to manage Apple Music, your music and iTunes.

As a curiosity, neither application allows download music legally (Spotify lets you use offline libraries, but does not allow you to extract them from the application). If you want to download a song you must buy it on any other platform.


Finally, let's compare the monthly installments of these two applications and the free versions or trial times that we have available.

If you look at the prices, you can feel some competition in the air. Both have exactly the same prices and offers . The two cost 9.99 euros per month, with an offer of 0.99 euros during the first 3 months. They cost the same with exactly the same offer!

It is clear that neither wants to lose customers and that they are in direct competition . Exactly the same with the discount for families (14.99 euros) and for students (4.99 euros), cost the same in both applications.

I add that Apple allows us to pay an entire year of Apple Music for 99 euros , thus saving a little on the final price if we had paid it a month. But Spotify allows us to create a free account with certain disadvantages.


With prices so similar, it is very difficult to choose one application or another . My recommendation is that if you are faithful to the apple and all your devices (or almost all) have the Apple logo stuck behind, maybe you should go to Apple Music to have all the music centralized in one place. But if you are users of different operating systems like Ubuntu or you used Spotify before, you may be more interested in this option.

Source | Apple Music and Spotify

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