It's official, Amazon Prime Video will hit Apple TV in the coming months -


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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

It's official, Amazon Prime Video will hit Apple TV in the coming months

It's already official. Rumors were continuously rumbling about a possible alliance between Apple and Amazon to bring video service from the e-commerce giant to the Apple TV platform. And has been in the WWDC when finally has been confirmed the arrival of Prime Video to the App Store of tvOS , thus giving more variety of content to all users.

While it may have been somewhat exaggerated to have been treated as one of the great novelties of the conference, the truth is that it is not for less. The relationship between Apple and Amazon is not exactly at its best as we have discussed in other articles previously, so an agreement of this type is something really unique.

Apple TV is full of new content

Prime Video

The main objective of the agreement is to take the application to the latest generation of Apple TV in the coming months, so we can enjoy the best original content from Amazon. In addition, it will be integrated into the TV app as soon as it is available in the countries where it is already active, so that we can receive personalized recommendations in a unified way.

It remains to be seen whether we will receive the app here, since Amazon does not seem to have much interest in markets like ours , which is clear with its current iOS app, which is not even translated into our language. In any case, it is a real joy that the variety of content on Apple TV continues to grow at an amazing speed. We are facing the real revolution of television, and we have just begun.

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