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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Jailbreak arrives on iOS 11

Just a few weeks since the beta of iOS 11 was released, and is already being attacked by companies dedicated to the hacking of iOS. I still remember those days when the Jailbreak became difficult and it took months to get a simple tethered jailbreak and sometimes it was impossible to untethered.

Currently we are in a time when the Jailbreak is lagging behind , users no longer have the need to customize both their iPhone or iPad, because Apple is meeting and in many updates iOS we see included functions that we saw in tweaks. In addition, major companies are vetoing it in their applications .

When the Jailbreak seemed forgotten, they hacked iOS 11 in less than a month

It was at the Digital Mobility Conference (MOSEC 2017) in Shanghai where he showed the beta 2 of iOS 11 under Jailbreak and Min Zheng, senior security engineer at Alibaba company has shared it on his Twitter.

The Jailbreak comes from Liang Chen of Keen Security Lab of Tencent, a security-oriented group working on security innovation for mobile operating systems and computers, applications and devices.

In this same demonstration, they have taught the jailbreak of iOS 10.3.2 , the latest released version of Apple's mobile operating system that is only supported on devices whose processor is 64-bit - leaving out the iPhone 5 and 5c.

Due to his security work, KeenLab does not appear to be releasing a version of the iOS 11 Jailbreak for the general public soon. Given that Jailbreak has been made on a beta, they may decide to share it with Apple so they can close the security patch for the next beta.

 Apple always plays the cat and the mouse when it comes to jailbreak, testing hackers to uncover security breaches in beta versions of their updates.

Via | Cultofmac.com

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