Keep your mouth open: this is the new App Store -


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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Keep your mouth open: this is the new App Store

Throughout this frenzied afternoon Apple has unveiled endless new hardware and software developments in a WWDC 2017 packed with surprises: a monster named iMac Pro , a new 10.5-inch Pro iPad that by End seems to be aimed at satisfying professionals, the new operating system for computers macOS 10.13 High Sierra and of course a spectacular iOS 11 loaded with important new features. But in addition, Apple has also washed the face of the App Store , with a new image and a series of functions to remain the benchmark apps platform in the market.

Among the huge number of surprises that Apple has prepared us this afternoon - Spanish time - Cupertino have announced a comprehensive redesign of the App Store, the application platform for iOS devices . In addition to the aesthetic touches - without going any further until its iconic logo has been modified - Apple wants its application store to continue to harvest sales records and for that, what better than to remodel its catalog to facilitate the search and sample of applications.

Among the many new features of the App Store, we will have a new tab named "Today" that will show us the most recent changes in the app store and highlight the most relevant apps. Likewise, the valuations have also undergone a radical remodeling.

But the thing does not end here: we will have a new section oriented to the games that will allow them to search by categories - action, RPG, sports ... - so that the search and location is much faster and more effective.

While the essence of the App Store that gives such good results to Apple is still the same and its redesign is to improve its functionality and update its aesthetics, we felt that they were more than necessary because we have to go up to iOS 7 and iOS 8 to remember the last modification of the App Store significant and 10 years with almost the same crave too many. Remember that if you want to see it, you will have to wait for the launch of iOS 11 during the month of September.

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