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Thursday, 29 June 2017

M, the Facebook Messenger assistant, has already arrived in Spain

Possibly many of you, dear readers, have been surprised to see a new icon with an "M" in the text entry field of Facebook Messenger application. It is a new virtual assistant of artificial intelligence that offers all kinds of suggestions in the conversations of chat.

M is already available in Spain , and for a couple of weeks it is also in Mexico. The Facebook Facebook Virtual Assistant automatically jumps into your chats when it detects that it can help with anything.

In this article we will talk about all the functions of M and how the new Messenger Virtual Assistant is able to help you.

Suggestions and characteristics of M

Assistant M can suggest all kinds of content: videos, pages, Facebook publications, links ... But also other things like birthday celebrations and even Stickers.

For example, if someone sends you a message saying "goodbye", M will detect it and recommend you use a farewell sticker.

But there is much more! M will allow you to share your current location, plan events, and even set reminders . Of course, users can disable M from the settings section of the messaging application.

As our companions of Andro4all very well point out , the incorporation of the virtual assistant M in Facebook Messenger will take place gradually in Spain , in both iOS and Android.

Download Facebook Messenger

If you have not tried the Facebook instant messaging application we recommend you do it, you can download the free app from the following button:

Social Networking

As we see it, Facebook Messenger is one step behind other messaging applications like WhatsApp , Telegram or iMessage . But you have to recognize that it has some very useful exclusive features like the use of bots or the assistant M. What do you think? What is your favorite instant messaging app?

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