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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Meizu Pro 7, the next smartphone from Meizu

The Meizu Pro 7 is the most anticipated smartphone by the company Meizu . The features of the Meizu Pro 7 are good but there is one of them that is the most striking. The features, specifications and price of the Meizu Pro 7 should be better than its previous models.

Meizu is six months since he introduced his latest smartphone. On that date we saw the Meizu Pro 6 a smartphone that has a RAM of 4 GB. Although not a bad device in terms of functions, Meizu could launch this year the new Meizu Pro 7 with better features and functions compared to previous models. The most striking features of this Meizu Pro 7 is its E-Ink screen on the back.

In this Meizu Pro 7 your E-Ink screen will play a huge role, since it is this screen that can be seen just below the camera will serve to show certain functions / notifications thanks to the electronic ink.

Leaving aside this aspect of "hype", the device has features more powerful than its previous model. This implies that their fluidity should improve enormously. The Meizu Pro 7 would have to work better than any other smartphone launched by the company. On a previous occasion, we talked about the leak of the Meizu Pro 7. Today we will talk about its E-Ink screen, the filtered image and we will review these characteristics.

Meizu Pro 7 E-Ink Display

The Meizu Pro 7's E-Ink screen will be located on the back of the terminal. The screen will show specific items such as time, date, and more. Although the Meizu Pro 7 is not the first device with E-Ink screen, its function is important in a high-quality device. The Weibo filtered image shows the design of the rear of the terminal, showing its E-Ink screen located just below its double camera.

-Ink technology is based on electronic ink. This technology was created mainly for ecological reasons, since with these electronic ink screens you can visualize newspapers and texts electronically, in that sense, it was developed to reduce deforestation. Currently, E-Ink screens are not only the main screen of many devices (mainly ebooks), but also, some terminals have an E-Ink screen in a secondary way as in this case.

Features of the Meizu Pro 7

The best features of the Meizu Pro 7 are:

  • Display : 5.2, 5.5 or 5.7 inch screen with Full HD resolution, or, QHD Amoled
  • Processor : 64-bit processor with ten cores. Will use the MediaTek Helio X30
  • RAM : 4GB or 6GB
  • Storage : 64GB / 128GB (expandable via micro SD cards up to 256GB)
  • Operating System : Android 6.0 Marshmallow or 7.0 Nougat
  • Battery : 3000 mAh battery
  • Cameras : Double 12MP rear camera. The characteristics of the front camera are unknown

Meizu Pro 7 price

The price of the Meizu Pro 7 is accessible compared to other terminals. The 64GB model of internal storage could cost $ 398, or about $ 400. If we want to buy the model of 128 GB of internal storage perhaps we would pay $ 454 which amounts to 460 euros. Please note that prices are calculated based on the price of the Meizu Pro 6, so there is talk of speculative prices that could vary.

Launch of Meizu Pro 7

It is unknown when the Meizu Pro 7 will be launched . The company may present the terminal in a week. It is not known if they will present a Plus version as happened with the Meizu Pro 6, however, surely this year Meizu will be in charge of updating its smartphone line by the new Meizu Pro 7.

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