Microsoft introduced the Wireless Mouse Modern Mouse with Bluetooth 4.0

Microsoft made a great deal of noise by introducing a new Modern Mouse mouse, which, thanks to the design and finishing materials, meets the latest PC models in the Surface range. The aerodynamic device is equally suitable for the right hand and the left hand.

The novelty definitely looks much better than previous Microsoft models with a soft, round and almost invisible buttons, сливающимися with the body, and metal wheel displacement. The company does not specify the resolution of the manipulator sensor, but promises "exceptional tracking accuracy.

For connection to the computer, use the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless interface. The communication distance in the open space is 10 m, in the office - 5 pm Feeding mouse receives from the two AAA elements. A set sufficient for one year of operation of the device.

Microsoft Modern Mouse is compatible with most operating systems. The dimensions of the device are equal 115 x 64 x 33.5 mm weight (with batteries) - 90,

Sale of Microsoft Modern Mouse, judging by the information on the manufacturer's website, "will start soon." The company evaluated the fixture at $ 50.
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