More than 20% of Windows users will move to Mac -


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Thursday, 29 June 2017

More than 20% of Windows users will move to Mac

There is no doubt about it, Windows and MacOS are the two best operating systems on the market. A priori, there are more consumers who use Windows, but this could change in the not too distant future ...

A recent survey conducted by Verto Analytics has indicated that 21% of Windows users are planning to switch to Mac .

On the other hand, surprisingly, only 2% of Mac users are interested in switching to Windows .

The supremacy of Windows could end soon

The number of consumers planning to switch from Windows to Mac was much higher among desktop users, a quarter of them (25%) thought to buy a Mac in the next 24 months .

Another of the most curious data in this survey of Verto Analytics suggested that users planning to switch from Windows to MacOS had much more earnings in their jobs. There was also much more interest among teenagers.

But consumers are not the only Windows users willing to switch to Mac. When IBM allowed its employees to switch between Windows PCs and Macs in 2015, there was a big drop in support. A fall that led the company to save $ 270 per employee among all those who switched to Mac. Surprising the data, right?

Is Apple about to hunt Microsoft? Will macOS High Sierra outperform Windows 10 at the user level? Numbers do not cheat, and although the survey was conducted in the United States , statistics might well apply to many other countries.

Do you use Windows or MacOS? Do you think that in future there will be more Mac users than Windows? Are you thinking of buying a Mac? Share with us your opinion and experiences from the comments section and on the social networks of our blog. We are waiting for you, thank you for participating!

Via | 9to5mac

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