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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Newskill SEIRYU, a gaming keyboard with RGB backlight

We have talked to you on previous occasions of various gaming keyboards. Today we return to the load with the latest launch of Newskill , the Newskill SEIRYU , a keyboard that follows a few lines of design that seem to be the general tonic in this type of devices.

The Spanish company Newskill Gaming has developed a keyboard that blends the best of a membrane keyboard with the best of the most traditional mechanical keyboards.

The Newskill SEIRYU is a hybrid keyboard that uses elements of the mechanical keyboard to improve its membrane and increase efficiency. It also has a feedback system of pulsations. With this they achieve the combination between the speed and efficiency of the mechanical keyboard and the smoothness of a membrane . Something that no doubt will appreciate the most demanding gamers. This is a lightweight keyboard, quiet and high performance thanks to the rapid return of your keys.

In the Newskill SEIRYU ​​we will find six macro keys and three different profiles that can be configured through their key combinations. In addition, it is equipped with six multimedia keys with which we can control the multimedia player, control the volume ...

As for the materials with which this gaming keyboard is made deciros that has a finish in rubber ABS plastic . It is a rugged keyboard that feels comfortable to the touch. For those who are worried about your health comment that it also has an ergonomic wrist rest , which ensures maximum comfort during our games.

As a good gaming keyboard the Newskill SEIRYU has RGB backlight . A lighting that we can change quickly without the need for additional software. It has nine color modes:

1- Multicolored spectrum wave The entire keyboard is illuminated with different colors that change to wave mode.
2- Color wave by phases The entire keyboard is illuminated with different colors that change faster and more dynamically.
3- Breathing Color intensity decreases and increases continuously.
4-Single Color Wave Mode with a single color wave that runs through the keyboard from left to right.
5- Fixed backlight With the possibility to choose between six different colors to light the whole of the keyboard fixedly.
6- 6 phase color wave The keyboard is illuminated by blocks with different colors.
7- Selecting color by phases You can configure each group of keys with a color through their key combination.
8- Backlit typing The keypad illumination is associated with your keystrokes.
9- Voice Backlight The keyboard illumination is associated with sound.

 Newskill SEIRYU ​​Features

Following are the specifications of Newskill SEIRYU :

  • 9 backlight effects.
  • Multimedia shortcuts: 12.
  • Number of keys: 105.
  • Number of hot keys: 6.
  • Number of macro keys: 6.
  • Number of macro profiles: 3.
  • Reinforced membrane with fast recoil.
  • Life cycle - more than 20 Million.
  • Dimensions 492x40x203 mm.
  • Weight 1126 g.

As for what we can find in the box of this keyboard we have:

  • SEIRYU ​​keyboard.
  • Poster.
  • Door hanger.
  • Newskill Stickers.
  • Pendant and VIP Newskill card.

Newskill SEIRYU ​​price

Newskill SEIRYU is now available for sale (pre-sale). The price of the Newskill SEIRYU is 39.95 €. And those who make their purchase in pre-sale, will have a 10% discount.

If you need more information on the range of Newskill Gaming peripherals you can visit its official website .

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