Note 8 appears in a supposed photograph confirming part of the design -


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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Note 8 appears in a supposed photograph confirming part of the design

Which is possibly the first real photograph of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 shows an iris scanner and a very small top edge.

Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy Note 8 in August, either in the IFA Berlin or in an event itself, but sure that before Apple shows us the new iPhone.

The last leak of Samsung's new device has been a photograph that shows us the top edge. We have been comparing it quite a bit with an image that we have taken the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus that we have and although there are many similarities are not exactly the same.

Inherited design of the Samsung Galaxy S8

It gives the impression that the corners are less rounded than in the S8 and at the same time the frames remain quite thin. The upper one as indicated by the filtered image is 6.7 mm thick and the larger sides of the screen curl, something that was already happening on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

This is clearly seen if we compare the supposed image of the new mobile, with the red background, with one of the S8, with blue background.

In addition if we clarify the images we see how in the left side, next to the earpiece, Note 8 shows two more sensors that do not appear in the same place in the S8. On the other hand the earphone itself seems to be different in both models, as well as the distance between the camera and the element of its right.

In spite of all the leaks we have to take them with caution and although it seems to fit with what we expect from Note 8 we could be before a modified image.

Otherwise, if it is real, we could see new photos in the next few days, maybe some of the back that is most interesting to see, know if there will be a double camera in Note 8 and if the fingerprint sensor Places in this area.

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