Now you can play in many different ways thanks to iOS 11 -


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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Now you can play in many different ways thanks to iOS 11

IOS is an almost magical operating system. Everything that your fingers touch moves as if it were in the physical world, something that competitors have not yet been able to imitate . IOS animations and features vary depending on how and where you touch - do not think bad, please.

This feeling of unrealistic reality will increase in iOS 11, system in which Apple has been with the amount of different gestures that we can do on the screen of our device. Here we leave all the new ways to "touch" that will come with the new version of the operating system .

Five touches, but only three of them

As it would be too tedious to talk about features that have been in our iPad for years, such as the touch function, which is the essential function of these devices, we are going to talk only about the new touches that will arrive next to iOS 11 .

In total there are five, which would be:

  • Play the basic, let's go.
  • Long touch to grab and drag .
  • Long tap to delete apps .
  • Tap semi-long to open a "menu" in apps.
  • Tap hard-or long- on notifications for extra options.

Here the interesting ones are number 2, 4 and 5. The latter is a kind of imitation of the famous 3D Touch that we can find in the latest models of the iPhone . If we make a strong touch on the notifications we can see that we will have access to a greater number of options, which was not the case with previous versions of the operating system.

As for the number 2, is the new grab and drag function that will come hand in hand with the new version of iOS . A very useful feature that will help us to be more productive, and that brings the mobile operating system to a desktop.

Touch number 4, however, is a bit strange. If you tap enough time for the system to allow you to drag an app but release it before this happens, a bubble will pop up and give you new options . We still do not know for sure what it is, but it seems to be a way of seeing the recent movements that we have made within each application. For example, Pages shows the last added documents .

There are more and more strange touches and things happening inside the slim body of our iPad. Apple wants to convert iOS 11 into something more intuitive and professional . So much has been the shock that Microsoft himself thinks that the Cupertino have created the iPad Pro only to compete against them. What to do!

How do you like the new touches of iOS 11? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Cult of Mac

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