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Friday, 23 June 2017

Now you can put all you want in your WhatsApp groups

One of the things that most characterize WhatsApp are its groups. The group of the family, the group of the university, the group of friends, the work ... and so we could continue until the end of time. However, these groups have a limit . But according to this latest leak, WhatsApp would be about to remove this limit in its next version .

Remember that Telegram does not have this cap , so if you usually use that instant messaging app, this news may not take you by surprise.

Come on in, there's no limit!

This was announced thanks to the latest WhatsApp beta published in the Android ecosystem. The numbers that previously indicated the maximum limit of a group have disappeared in this latest version , leaving only the indicator of the number of current members. Because of this, a user decided to try to get more people to test the ability, and guess what, nothing happened!

WhatsApp left this user to include a total of 263 contacts in his group , when the limit we saw before was 256.

Of course ... it could just be a bug

However, all this could be no more than a simple bug, since we can not manually add more users to the group. However, if we share the group through a link so that our contacts join this, they can join .

It could also be that the messaging app has updated the limit of users, placing it in a higher number, or directly, could have eliminated it . At the moment no one knows, only the developers of the application-let's hope, go.

It really would be very useful to have this function in WhatsApp. Other messaging apps already have unlimited , or excessively high capacity -ejem, Telegram- but here we have not seen anything like it ... So far.

Would you like WhatsApp to remove the limit of participants in the groups? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | WABetaInfo

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