One of the great features of the iPhone 8 could have been confirmed -


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Saturday, 24 June 2017

One of the great features of the iPhone 8 could have been confirmed

This latest WWDC, Apple introduced a variety of new features designed to take advantage of the hardware that is already available to us, consumers. However, it also allowed them to teach certain tools that will help work with the hardware that is yet to come . This is the case with the new ARKit SDK. This new set of utilities is designed to optimize augmented reality developments for Apple mobile devices. Especially for what is to come.

We talked a while ago that it was rumored that the next iPhone would integrate some new sensors thought to improve the perception that the phone has of our surroundings. At first, they would help further improve the photographic capabilities of the iPhone , but that is only a small part of what they could do. These components, combined with the ARKit, would allow the vision that Apple has designed for augmented reality to become reality much faster.

Augmented reality as part of Apple's strategy for the iPhone

The company has repeatedly commented that its support for this technology is firm , but it has not been until now when we have been able to realize how much. Last week, as reported from MacRumors appeared some reports that Lumentum, a company specialized in the manufacture of these components, would have begun to produce a new sensor .

So far, they avoided naming Apple and any of its devices. But today, in a new report, it has been reported that the first shipments of the sensors will be given for the second half of this year , in time for the launch of the next iPhone. In addition, it has also been indicated that not only will be present in the rear camera, but the front camera will also take advantage of this technology.

Having seen other similar proposals like Google Tango, the public may not be too surprised by a feature like this. However, it should be remembered that Apple is one of the few companies able to give a technology the perfect function for users around the world to marvel . And if they make it work, they will help the augmented reality sector, virtual reality and mixed reality to grow significantly. This is fundamental to the development of these innovative markets.

And you, do you think they will be able to convince the user to use a function like this?

Via | MacRumors

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