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Friday, 2 June 2017

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8 complained that in the nasty problem

In March of this year, Samsung has demonstrated to the world the new flagship of Galaxy S8 smartphone. After the introduction of the novelty called almost the best phone in the market, however, the device buyers encountered a number of serious problems.

The crystal that protects the screen of your smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8, was very fragile, so try to buy should with extreme caution. With this advice users requested that Owners of the South Korean flagship.

With the fragility of the Galaxy S8 glass I also met the famous Russian blogger alex exler. According to him, the glass of your smartphone has cracked as a result of несильного the collision of a gadget with plastic keyboard casing.

In recent tests conducted by the insurance company SquareTrade, it was established that the Galaxy S8 shows very low safety level in falls on hard surfaces.

According to the results of an experiment, the Galaxy S8 has gained 76 points over 100, which corresponds to a high risk of mechanical damage. As specialists pointed out, wrapped in the glass of the "very vulnerable" machine casing, and he may be damaged from a small blow. This is because the Galaxy S8's private metal frame, to a large extent, protects other devices.

German researchers conducted a similar experiment: we placed the Galaxy S8 especially the drum, imitating several drops from a height of 80 centimeters Samsung Smartphone proved to be less resilient compared to the others. Glass Gorilla Glass 5, covering the screen, растрескалось already after 50 drops. This result may seem good, but everything is learned in comparison. Most mobile devices support twice the number of drops on the drum without significant damage.

The experts came to the conclusion that the rounded corners are a weak Galaxy S8. The flagship may come in poor condition already after the first crash on a hard surface.

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