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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Personalize your iPhone to the max without using Jailbreak

For many, Jailbreak is only a tool to customize our iPhone with options that this does not bring by default. But this tool can cause damage to our device and problems when updating . So, is there any alternative to leave the terminal to our liking? Of course. Next, I'm going to teach you a few tricks to personalize your iPhone to the maximum without having to do Jailbreak.

Change wallpaper

If you are new to iOS and did not know it, in the section "Wallpaper and brightness" settings, we will have the option to change the wallpaper of our device to one that we like more . Not only gives us the option to put a default background, we can also use an image from the gallery.

Use a custom keyboard

They are keyboards created by third parties that you can install on your device, this will give a unique and personal touch. To download one, we must find the keyboard that we like most in the App Store, are very easy to install and there are hundreds to choose from . A good keyboard that I recommend is SwiftKey Keyboard , it's free and has several themes. In addition, you can write by dragging your finger. It is best to try it yourself:

Download here SwiftKey for iOS

Modify the quick function on the Home button

From the "Accessibility" menu in settings, we can go to the "Quick function" section. This modifies the behavior of the Home button when a 3-tap is performed . We will have several options to add, however, we can select all, since having more than one selected, the phone lets you choose which will be executed after the quick function. To this list you can add tools like the magnifying glass, which you have to activate from "Accessibility".

Reduce movement

Also in the menu "Accessibility" of adjustments, we go to "Reduce movement" and activate it. After doing this, we will notice that the Home menu animations have been changed by a fade much faster than the default animation. An excellent feature if we want our iPhone not to waste time with aesthetic animations.

Invert colors

It is a cheap night mode as it reverses all the colors of the screen of our phone. We can activate it from settings, in the "Accessibility" menu and accessing the section "Display settings". Here we must activate "Invert colors". This is especially useful not to spend too much battery and not tire our eyes at night when we are typing or chatting , besides giving a different touch to the iPhone.

Dock and custom folders

This is rather a glitch system that allows us to slightly modify the look of our Dock and Folders. To perform this bug, we must download wallpapers on this website (only available in English and Chinese). We will have different backgrounds that will allow us to modify the color of the Dock and folders and even the shape of them (depending on where they are placed in the menu). It is best to try them and choose the one that we like the most.

With these little tricks, you can get your iPhone stand out from the crowd and be more your way . In addition, we will have achieved without Jailbreak, thus avoiding putting our data and our device at risk.

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