Prevent the battery of your iPhone is exhausted with this trick -


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Monday, 19 June 2017

Prevent the battery of your iPhone is exhausted with this trick

After launching iOS 10 we discovered a serious battery problem on Apple mobile devices. The duration of the same was drastically reduced , there were even problems with the calibration of the battery , some models of iPhone and iPad were turned off even if they had a 30% battery.

A couple of updates later, Apple was able to solve the problem. However, today, many users have to juggle the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch battery all day long.

If your iOS device's battery drains constantly and you do not know why, in this article we'll tell you how to fix it. There are a number of very useful tips that will allow you to extend the battery life as well as its autonomy.

Background Updates

Most apps on the App Store are not designed to work in the background . They use a lot more data and resources. Therefore, these apps cause the battery of iPhone and iPad to deplete much faster.

Find out which apps are updated in the background on your iPhone and / or iPad from Settings> General> Background Update . From here we propose to deactivate absolutely all the applications of the list. Except, of course, those applications that are essential for you.

If you follow this useful trick you will notice a big difference in the battery life of your iPhone and your iPad. It really works, we've tried it! Now try it and tell us what!

There are other tricks you can use to improve battery life. To start, you can make your iPhone load faster by activating Airplane Mode . In addition, you can increase the battery life by lowering the display brightness and using the Low Power Mode .


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